Benefits of cleaning your upholstery

Over time our upholstered furniture gets dusty and dirty no matter how often you sit in it. Keeping it clean not only keeps it looking its best, but it also helps keep dust, cobwebs or pet fur off your clothes. Regular upholstery cleaning may even benefit your health, especially if you have are sensitive or prone to allergies.

Keeps it Looking Great

The major benefit to cleaning your upholstered furniture is that it looks clean. When you have your friends and family over they won't be appalled by crumbs, dirt or pet hair scattered all over the fabric because there won't be any.

Like your clothing upholstery begins to look and get dirty, it is only a matter of time. Whether the upholstery is a textile, leather or faux leather, it is inevitable that spills of will attract dirt and debris, making the spots more obvious as time passes.

Clothes Are Kept Clean

If you have ever had the misfortune of sitting on a couch covered with pet hair, you've probably discovered it sticks got your clothing.

Your guests will not appreciate leaving your home with unexpected hair fibre clinging to their clothing. Likewise, ev en sitting on extremely dirty upholstery when wearing light-coloured clothing may mean spots, stains or marks from grease, food or dirt on your clothes.

Smells Great

When kept clean your upholstered furniture is more likely to smell fresh and clean, helping to to be free from cigarette and pet odours as well as general stale food smells.

A Healthier Home Environment

Keeping your furniture clean creates a healthier environment for you and your family especially those prone to allergies and asthma.

So be choice smart and keep your fabrics clean


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