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Updated: Oct 25

When cleaning the home, we always want to make sure that we are cleaning, it is done in the best possible way and in a way that needn’t be a tiresome exercise.

The same can apply to your carpets. Unfortunately our carpets often have a hard life and are always prone to extra dirt and marks with everyday wear and tear of family life.

There are some simple cleaning methods to ensure that you know so that your carpets will be looking fresh and clean all year round.

VACUUM regularly

In ensure your carpets are kept looking their best, you need to make sure you’re vacuuming them regularly, especially with a family and pets. This stops the buildup of dust and dirt from getting trapped, which can mark your carpets and make them harder to clean.

Carpets are like a magnet in your home where all the dirt, dust and pollutants can settle. They can end up being like a piece of sandpaper within the fibres of your carpet, and over time can wear them down. By regularly vacuuming your carpet, you can keep them clean and add years to the life of your carpets.

slow it down

Just take your take your time when vacuuming. We all want to get our housework done quickly, but running over your carpet too quickly just means you’re not giving your vacuum enough time to really work on the dirt and dust and lift it out of the carpet. Go slowly and be sure to go over your carpet in all directions and ensure you overlap, manoeuvring forwards and backwards.


Have you Spilled coffee or a wine? or maybe your Puppy had an accident? We all have the odd accident and your carpet get marked or stained from a spillage of some kind every now and then, and it is imperative to attend to these as soon as possible.

Cleaning it straight away is the best course of action. Make sure you simply blot NOT rub, (as this can fluff your carpet). This course of action is often enough to stop a stain from marking the carpet.

If a stain does appear, try and use some mild solution in cold water to remove it, such as soda water, before moving to store-bought chemicals. As always, if you do buy a carpet cleaner solution, be sure to follow the instructions strictly as some can have a bleach base and this can bleach your fibres.

Keep your vacuum MAINTAINed

If you’re using your vacuum correctly, it’s going to need maintenance. After each clean change your bag or canister and clean your filters. Regularly check your pipes, hoses and electrical cord for any damage or breakage. Some vacuums will need to you to replace filters, others will simply need cleaned and then are able to be re-used. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and remember to keep an eye on your equipment to ensure it is working to it’s full potential.


Overtime Carpets can get an odour, whether food or pet related. Especially if you haven’t had a professional clean of late.

There is an easy way to fix this. You don’t always need to buy store product or spend a lot of money on carpet deodorisers. One of the best ways to freshen your carpet is to look into your pantry and you will find baking soda. You can use it on its own, or you can add a few drops of essential oil. Orange or peppermint are a great option. Keep on a hand an empty canister such as a parmesan container. Sprinkle over your carpets and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Then, simply vacuum it up again and you’ll have fresh smelling carpets.

DON’T leave it DAMP

Always ensure you dry off your carpet if you use a cleaner of some sort or even soda water when trying to clean up a spills. If you do not and leave the area wet, the carpet will then be capable to growing mould, particularly your underly under the carpet.

Mould can lead to those with prone with allergies having bouts and other health issues such as asthma. When cleaning a spill, keep the room well ventilated by opening windows and doors. Remember to blot the area and once you have removed the stain, blot it once again with a clean, dry cloth to remove as much of the dampness as possible.


It’s always a great idea to get a professional carpet cleaner into the home to give your carpets a deep clean every six months to twelve months.

They can give your carpets a deep clean and leave them smelling and looking fresh. Hot Water Steam Extraction is the best method as it leaves your carpet more hygienic and although they may be damp to the touch, it does not over wet your carpets and they will soon dry, lengthening the life of your carpets for many more years to come.

Rental machines often require special chemicals and these can leave behind dirt-attracting residue, so we recommend it is best to get a professional in to do the job for you.

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