Water Damage Prevention

Updated: Oct 25

Have you ever had the misfortune of a water spill on your carpets? Maybe from an overflowing washing machine, burst pipe, a leaky roof or window, even by moisture from under your house. Water damage is one of the biggest threats to your carpet.

Flooding caused by washing machine

Accidents happen but you can be prepared and are a number of things that you need to know about how to prevent carpet water damage.

A Professional Will Need To Be Called Immediately

You will need to act immediately, the quicker the water is removed, the less likely it will lead to serious carpet water damage. The carpet should be cleaned and dried within 24 to 48 hours of the damage.

A professional will assess the damage and determine what the best course of action needs to be taken.

Restoration is a Possibility

Many may think that replacing the carpet is their only option after water damage. However, there is a possibility that the carpet can be restored.

There are a number of factors to consider to see if the carpet can be restored. Restoration depends on the extent of the damage, how much water was present, the source of the water damage and how much water was present and whether the water was contaminated or pure will determine whether the carpet can be saved. If your carpet was damaged by a leaky pipe, overflowing washing machine or bath, then it is likely that the water was clean. However, if the water came from a flood of a river or an overflowing toilet, then most likely the water was contaminated.

It is also important to note that mould and mildew can grow in the moist wet carpet and if growth is evident this will determine whether it can be saved or will need to be replaced. If there is a small amount of mould, then the

Black Mould on Carpet

carpet can usually be saved, however, large amounts of black mould may mean the carpet will need to be placed.

Not only is mould a real health concern for you and your family, it can also cause an unpleasant odour that can be difficult to get rid of.

A good inspection from a Professional will have to be performed in order to determine whether the carpet is able to be saved, cleaned and dried.

Air Movers or Fans are a great Option:

Depending on the amount of water damage, it can take several days for the carpet to completely dry. You can significantly speed up this process by using an air mover or fan.

Your Carpet Cleaning Professional will have these and usually will hire them out on a daily b basis. Ideally, you should keep the fans on for 24 hours a day for a few days.

Dehumidifiers & Air Conditioners are also a Great Option:

The most common concern after a carpet has been damaged by water is the likelihood of mould and mildew growth, as they both require moisture in order to grow. You can prevent your carpet from developing mould and mildew by using a dehumidifier.

Air Conditioner

Using a dehumidifier or Air Conditioners will pull the moisture out of the carpet and air. It will also speed up the drying time.

Furniture will need to be checked for Damage:

The damage caused by water does not only affect your carpet but can also damage your furniture as mould can latch onto it. It is important that you remove all of the furniture from the room in order for the carpet to be thoroughly inspected.

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